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Coaches honor

Man with Bun
Our Mission

The greatest influences in our schools today are the men and women with the title "Coach." They are a focal point on any campus. Coaches are role models for hundreds of kids each day. Thus, these men and women are the mission of the COACHES HONOR ministry.

This ministry though has grown to encompass more than just coaches. We have a vibrant and thriving Bible Studies for men and women who may not be called "Coach," but still have great influence in their homes, businesses and communities. The heartbeat of COACHES HONOR is to share the Good News of the Gospel with anyone and everyone. We are excited about our continual growth outside of schools and campuses.


If you would like to learn more about how COACHES HONOR has spread across the First Coast, please contact us.

Our Team
reina and wink picture.jpg
Wink & Reina Cherry

Wink Cherry and his wife, Reina, have been a part of campus life as teachers and coaches. They know first-hand the power of influence of a coach's lifestyle on his or her athletes. Both have seen the need for spiritual nourishment in our schools today. As a result, Wink and Reina are committed to ministering to coaches on various campuses. Coaches are natural leaders with a critical and phenomenal opportunity to introduce our next generation to the love of Jesus Christ. COACHES HONOR is a ministry where discipleship is foremost. Wink and Reina are encouraging models of the Christian faith. They have an ever-growing family whom they adore!

Our Board
reina and wink picture.jpg
Wink & Reina Cherry


Since 2023

Nathan and Holly Fabrick
Matt & Molly Berquist

Since 2017

Steve & Jamie

Since 2020

Jonathan Jones

Since 2023

David & Angie Hummel

Since 2020

Current Executive Committee:


Executive Director - Wink Cherry

Asst. Director - Reina Cherry


Chair: David Hummell

Vice chair: Steve Surratt 

Treasurer: Matt Berquist 

Secretary: Jamie Surratt/Theo Harnage

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