Saturday, March 21, 2020

Thoughts From A Quarantined Extrovert, by Reina Cherry

Good morning from Neptune Beach -  

Today is actually day 9 for me to realize my world as I know it is drastically changing...."most of the time", I think I'm really ok... I think this is true for several are just a few that are front and center. 

1. Apparently, I'm a 7 on the Enneagram, and we are always looking for a party/changes in the norm for more fun to be added into our lives. I know this might sound crazy to any other number during such times as we are in, but it's the burden we 7's have to bear :)

2. Lydia/Luke/Finn spent all last weekend with us - so the severity of social distancing was no biggie. I got to play with grandchild #6 for 2 days after returning from out of town. Oh my, nothing is sweeter than getting to wake up to the pitter-patter of the tiny feet we love so much! 

3. Yesterday we got to attend a wedding of 10 peeps in a lovely chapel in Savannah...We were so honored to be a part of this sacred ceremony. The gospel was poured out on this very-precious-to-our-hearts couple and thus on us too! Real and refreshing JOY was experienced amidst the dark and uncertain all around us. Truly, ONLY our God could/would do such a beautiful thing!

NOW - remember I said, "most of the time, I think I'm ok". well, what about the "NOT most of the time," times in my days? In them, I'm off. I'm afraid...and really I don't even know of what I'm afraid. It's pretty crazy-making. There is absolutely no self-rescuing me when the angst begins within...It's an under-current and impossible to grasp or stop...This too adds to the crazy-making. 

4. So...the foundational reason I'm actually EVER ok: I have ONE source to go to with my fears/angst...JESUS...He's the only ONE that can calm my troubled heart. He's the only One that can give me faith to trust Him and to believe that He's still on His throne, that COVID-19 is no surprise to Him, that He's still making all things new, even amidst such fear/despair. Best of all, He gives me fresh faith to trust Him, that He's still caring for me like He always has and always will as my loving, faithful, kind-to-me DAD! 

That being said - one podcast that I listened to twice cuz my soul needed the Truth (and some good laughter) was from Midtown Fellowship in Nashville this past week. Midtownfellowship - Coronavirus/ Jesus & 2000 pigs  "Yes," our son, Elliott, is a part of it. And, "Yes," I'm a biased mama.  But, I'm telling you it's worthy of our time. Randy Draughan and Dave Burden, 2 of the other pastors at Midtown Fellowship also speak such sweet and dear truths in this podcast discussing Luke 8 in relationship to the current COVID-19 pandemic... So grab a good cup of coffee and share the podcast with a good friend (whom could also be your spouse!) Hopefully you can then dwell together in the good news during this time of isolation. Praying your weary souls are encouraged deeply, just as mine was. 

with continued love,

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